About Us

    The Spahr Center unofficially started in the early 1980s as Dr. Spahr opened his first family practice in Indianapolis. At that point in time he was part of a family practice group dealing with the typical illness one sees in Family Medicine, i.e; diabetes, hypertension, infections, general wellness and many other things that plague the population. Dr. Spahr had an active pediatric practice as well as delivering babies and taking care of women’s health issues. As he started this journey assisting patients with their needs, he discovered that at times people required more evaluation of their illnesses than simply associating a pharmaceutical to a specific diagnosis. 

     After 10 years of being in practice, Dr. Spahr started looking at additional ways to help patients overcome their illness and wellness needs. Often times the problems involved in getting to the root causes of physiology, biochemistry, immunology and other knowledge bases that could not be done in the typical 8 to 12 minute office visit. He began expanding his knowledge of these problems in 1996 by diving deep into information about chemistry and immunology. He finally left his primary car practice in 2006, and expanded into his first integrated car facility, The Spahr Center in 2008.

Our Care

    Spahr Center patients include but are not limited to: hormonal health, gastrointestinal issues, musculoskeletal, joint and arthritic pain, Lyme and associated diseases, neurologic brain and cognitive health, and improvement of immune health. We feel that by identification of the root cause of illness and then putting together an approach involving many aspects of biochemistry and allows the patient the best opportunity for success. Sometimes by identification of parasites, toxins, genetic pathway blockages, or hormonal deficiencies and then managing the issues we can return patients to a complete or near complete recovery. Other times although a person cannot achieve 100% of prior health due to illness or injury, we work to a more reasonable and more functional life than what they had previously experienced.

    We are excited about moving our offices to Cicero.  It is a great neighborhood, and we are happy for the opportunity to extend advanced practice medicine beyond metro locations and into the heart of Indiana.