• Roger Spahr

Whose Brain and Body is this?

Let’s be honest, most of us have uttered that question at least once in our lives from 8 -80 years of age. It seems that as we approach 50 years old that questions is uttered more often. Fatigue, reduced sexual desire or performance, low energy, reduced strength and muscle loss, increased weight, poor quality skin and hair, and emotional ups and downs seem to be more common and noticeable than in the past.

Yes, of course some things are to be expected as we age. Indeed, hormones and other signals in our body become blunted and reduced. Diet and exercise are certainly a major support to staying well. But even if we pursue the best path possible, the environment around us still picks us apart.

Poor sleep from work stress, genetic nuances, pesticides, herbicides, plastics, multiple chemicals, radon, toxic waste, arsenic and mercury in soil and other factors can really block your body chemistry and throw you an unexpected curve ball.

Even the most well meaning physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants often find little on routine testing and beyond a simple, “Eat better and exercise”, find themselves pressured to use a prescription sleeping pill, high blood pressure medicine, or anti-depressant.

Did you know that Vitamin D, iron, magnesium, an activated folic acid, zinc and copper are all involved in managing your hormones, and neurotransmitters? The National Health and Nutrition Examination Study, (NHANES), from the CDC has shown 60 % of us lack necessary magnesium, > 50% with low Iron, Vitamin D and zinc. A whopping 1/3rd of persons are 70% deficient of the special activated folic acid needed for our bodies to use to help fight depression, anxiety, insomnia and other brain related issues.

But there is more to be looked at in our now complicated existence. We have the power to look at your DNA to determine if you have issues with production of enzymes and proteins to aid in iron, copper and zinc transport. Do you have issues that complicate your absorption of proper nutrients, or do your energy engines in your cells get clogged up with toxins because your genes cannot handle the load? Why do some respond easily to treatment for issues such as mononucleosis, Lyme disease, influenza, and allergies while others struggle? Were you aware that now we have ways to assist your body cells with bio-identical hormonal support, clearing of metabolic pathways, re-establishing a better immune system to set you up for a better life now and eventually into retirement?

The Spahr Center is not just a name, it’s the accumulation of nearly 25 years of dedication to science and advances in medicine through technologies that are constantly emerging and maturing. If you find yourself needing new directions to improve your life or just wish to maintain your good state of health, we invite you to meet the experienced staff at The Spahr Center. You may find the answers to the many questions you have been asking.

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