Dr Spahr is the the most compassionate and intelligent Dr I have ever known. I originally went to him for hormone balance. The biological hormones changed my life!!! I am now seeing him for other health issues. I trust him with my health so much that I do phone appts and travel 2 1/2 hours to see him. He is THAT good. Would recommend him to anyone. He is awesome.

— Laurie

After going to my general physician, my eye doctor, an eye specialist, and two endocrinologists about the same problem and not getting ANY answers, I decided to go to Dr. Spahr. I had known him for many years but he wasn't taking new patients until last March. Just in time for me! The other traditional doctors I had tried didn't have any solutions or options for me other than to wait it out and see how I do (supposedly had Grave's Disease and Hashimotos). Well I felt horrible and that answer wasn't sufficient.

Dr. Spahr took the time to understand all my symptoms and explained many different possibilities that needed explored. He requested blood work and follow-ups over the next year and now I feel great! He explains things in lay-man terms and genuinely cares for me. I will continue to see him as needed which won't be much any more! I know in the long run not only did I save money but I saved my thyroid from being removed and who knows what else after that. I shudder to think and am grateful every day for his help.

— Laura